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  • Don’t be a dumb ass.  There is no way to know your skill level, financial position, or any other governing factors that would make the implementation or non-implementation of these educational materials useful.  There is no guarantee that what you discover here will work in your unique situation.
  • Just because some electrical contractors earn eight-figures or have gone from seven-figures to eight-figures using these insights doesn’t mean you will.  It’s not magic, you must actually use these materials in your business.  Application is required under the supervision of qualified professionals.
  • Every effort has been made to accurately represent this publication and it’s potential for your business.  However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any more money than you did last year using these techniques.  Information presented here is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings.
  • Any and all forward looking statements, forecasts, or interpretation of economic conditions are solely the opinion of authors based on individual experience.  Your results may vary.  Since every individual starts with different skills, knowledge, finances, and abilities, equal outcomes is not guaranteed.
  • By using this site, you agree to our regular follow up, offers, and attempts to communicate with you and your organization.  You may unsubscribe anytime.  Every attempt will be made to follow up with your requests using any means of communications not limited to telephone, email, fax, postal mail, and social media.  If you opt-out, then no further attempt will be made.
  • If you provide us information about your unique situation and actual real contact information, we’ll protect that by all means, as well as not hide or obscure your ability to reach us.  When possible, you will be able to reply to any email, or postal address to reach our office.  Justin Hitt is available direct by paid consultation.  Please notify us of any unauthorized email received from domains @jwhco.com or @jwhco.org as you should not receive emails from @CommercialElectricalProfits.com.
  • You will NOT republish materials from our website without prior written consent.  You will not sell or rent materials from our website.  You will not reproduce, duplicate, create derivative, copy or otherwise exploited materials on our website for any purpose.  This site is copyrighted with all rights reserved.
  • The materials on this site are provided “as is” without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property, or fitness of any particular purpose.  There is a bunch of other stuff my lawyer wanted me to put in here that has to do with how in no event shall JWH Consolidated or its agents or officers be liable for any damages whatsoever (even death) that arise from using this website.
  • Let’s agree to work for our mutual benefit.  We reserve the right to block access to anyone who violates these terms of service.  We reserve the right to do business with anyone we like, as life is not fair, and some people are just a pain in the ass.  Paying customers get top priority, so stand in line, there should be no expectation of fast turnaround without a signed “Letter of Agreement” or paid engagement.

You know, terms and services like this are necessary because average folk don’t think.  And most people don’t do anything with the volumes of valuable resources available on the Internet today.  That’s why you won’t find everything we publish in the public.  You get what you put into it, “magic beans” not included.

Terms of Service subject to change without notice.


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