Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, but pretty much dead in America. That's right, this Privacy Policy will share the truth about what to expect interacting with this website.

Information and Data We Collect (and You Should Too)

This site certainly doesn't collect as much about you as social media or search engines. Everything collected is used to deliver content, offer you solutions, and bring you back.

  • Data that is collected automatically including IP address, your device type, and browser details including language,
  • Identifiers that are used to follow you around the internet to show you advertisements, so you come back for what we offer,
  • Tracking cookies, encoded links, and other means of better understanding the types of content you use,
  • Profile information that you volunteer, such as name, email address, gender, age or birthday, and even links to social media sites,

Tracking Technologies

The technology and methods used here would make the CIA mouth kiss a KGB agent. Technology such as cookies, beacons, scripts, and tags identify your computer and store information about your visit.

Other Collections Practices

What you don't volunteer we derive using third-party databases. That includes both paid, free, and other platforms where you have volunteered details about your life. Just assume we're stalking you around the internet.

How We Use Data We Collect

Our first goal is to help you solve problems that keep you from serving profitable customers. To improve your outcome, conduct marketing, and research, all data collected is carefully reviewed.

Examples of how we use your information:

  • Audience profiling to determine which target markets are most profitable,
  • To conduct research about state of the electrical contracting industry,
  • With vendors to deliver products or services you have requested,
  • For research associated with content, solutions, and product development,
  • To help you solve problems in your business that keep you from results,

Your data will NOT be sold. All data is stored off site in secure applications which comply with applicable privacy law. You may unsubscribe anytime.

All this is done to better serve you as a subscriber, coaching member, or client of COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL PROFITS, a publication of JWH Consolidated. If you have any questions, please contact our offices at (877) 207-3798. Main privacy policy here.

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