Mike Rowe Showing Respect for Dirty Jobs Like Electrical Contracting

Mike Rowe on Ted Talks speaks about Dirty Jobs

It is a fact that too few young people are taking up trade opportunities which is leaving a gap in the electrical contracting world.  For every computer job there are seven so-called “blue collar” jobs, or more, keeping that system a float.  MIKE ROWE from the Discovery channel show “Dirty Jobs” speaks on TED talk about his lessons learned.

Here is the 2008 TED talk where MIKE ROWE discusses the reality of social pressure and the unjustifiable degrading of trade work in society today.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRVdiHu1VCc”][Source: YouTube, Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe]

One point from the video, also pointed out to me by a Patent Attorney, from his beautiful upper income home on an in-demand golf course, that many of today's truly wealthy are electricians, plumbers, and trades people.  Most of the half-million dollar plus homes in this exclusive Hampton Roads (VA) community were owned by folks with Master licenses in trades.

It's not just doctors earning six figures.  That's the opportunity you have as an electrical contractor that many miss.  When school brainwashes your son or daughter to ignore trades for fancy jobs where few positions are available, the infrastructure of the United States fails due to the lack of talented individuals.

It is best let your children make an educated choice about their profession — even if your hope they will be your exit plan.

What do you think about MIKE ROWE's TED talk?  Are you getting actively involved in maintaining technical education in High Schools?  Are you cultivating apprenticeship programs?

Here's the bigger opportunity: Are you using this life saving support of local programs in your marketing?  Your role is to welcome opportunity for those who want to work with their hands rather than sit idle in college for four-years in exchange for huge debt.  You make a difference.

Author: Justin Hitt

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