Will Your Electrical Contracting Business Survive COVID-19 and the Coming Economic Crash?

Dear Subscribers:

To focus on private clients, I'm closing down this site for commercial electrical contractors. COVID-19 is a good enough excuse. One less thing for my small team to manage.

If you're not already a private client or paid subscriber to one of my newsletters, then you are missing out. Insights will continue off-line and direct to the community here.

For privacy purposes, I'm purging non-customers from my database.

That leaves more resources for private clients who are serious about growing their contracting business despite COVID-19 or economic recession. For some positioning as a critical service paid off.

Thanks for the questions and contacts over the years. You can still reach me at http://www.JustinHitt.com/ … it's been a delight to publish resources here but not practical to maintain with so much going on right now.


Justin Hitt
Business Analyst / Consultant

P. s. These materials will be retained in training programs offline. The site will be dropped when the domain expires, or when my webmaster gets to it. For ongoing updates, visit Inside Strategic Relations or Sustainable Wealth Secrets.

P. p. s. I'm doing more important work than ever before for a handful of private clients. Don't confuse a lack of updates to public content as abandoning electrical contractors. Your work is important. So are the services my clients receive during this trying time.

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