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COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL PROFITS provides newsletters, services, and publications that help clients transform business relationships into profits.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, here’s how you can contact us:

Mailing Address:

Commercial Electrical Profits
c/o JWH Consolidated
1123 Spruce St #3123
Martinsville, VA 24115-3123

When inquiring about Justin Hitt's coaching services, resources, or services for your business; please reference 001_N0206A in your request.  Please include a detailed description of your challenge with your correspondence.

If you do not receive a response within three (3) days, then please try an alternative method of contact.  Include your full contact information; including telephone, fax, and email address when contacting our office.  This facilitates your response!


  • Services provided by JWH CONSOLIDATED or affiliates include unpublished contact.  Please direct comments, refunds, or questions through the means provided.  If you contact our offices here, please include a product code.
  • Justin Hitt is only available by appointment only.  He works with mastermind and consulting clients, who receive exclusive attention for their scheduled appointment.  If you are late for your appointment you will miss your call.
  • Please be aware that Justin Hitt travels often.  Please describe your problem clearly so staff can address your concern quickly.  Anything specific for Justin Hitt may take a week or two for a response.
  • Because of the critical nature of what JWH CONSOLIDATED does for clients, support teams are available 24/7, however, telephones are rarely answered live.  You will receive a callback.  Open call times are available depending on your coaching or mastermind level.


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