Why Commercial Electrical Profits

It was a simple comment, both critical of the limited updates of this site, “Why would a white collar business analyst be interested in electrical contractors?”  No offense was taken for the “white collar” quip, I believe hard work is hard work.  And, being in the technology industry I thought it was obvious because data centers that consume more power than cities wouldn't be possible without electricians.  Maybe is was all the years of hiring electrical and networking contractors …
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Mike Rowe Showing Respect for Dirty Jobs Like Electrical Contracting

It is a fact that too few young people are taking up trade opportunities which is leaving a gap in the electrical contracting world.  For every computer job there are seven so-called “blue collar” jobs, or more, keeping that system a float.  MIKE ROWE from the Discovery channel show “Dirty Jobs” speaks on TED talk about his lessons learned.

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