Growing Your Electrical Business Without Frustration

How do you grow business? Grow your business with these strategies that get you customer who pay, stay, and refer. Stop the frustration.

Outlet extension with too many plugs.

Are you growing your commercial electrical business the right way? Stop being frustrated with business growth. Even in a slow economy, electrical work is abundant.

Episode 043 [CEP] Grow Your Business Without Frustration

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The secret is knowing where to look for profitable customers. That starts with knowing what kind of work is best for you. Work that is enjoyable and has a low risk while paying well.

You don't want to get stuck on a job with no payday. That means leaving behind deadbeat customers who slow-pay. It's also about staying away from those who cannot decide.

Leave the garbage customers for your competition. Once you learn how to grow your electrical business correctly, you can remove that age-old phrase from your truck.

No Job Too Big or Small” is a sign of inspiration. Be specific. Be something of value for a particular customer who can pay, stay, and refer. That's what dominating your market is all about.

Author: Justin Hitt

Justin Hitt is the Publisher of COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL PROFITS. He helps commercial electrical contractors create and keep profitable customers while transforming business relationships into profits guaranteed.

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