031 [CEP] Hurricane Business Disaster Preparedness

There is a coming storm that means profits to your business, or complete destruction. Will you be ready?

Are you ready for the coming storm? A controversial look at profiting from preparedness. Learn how to protect and grow your business with the coming storm.

Is this ethical? Making big money from Hurricane Florence? by Justin Hitt

Emergency preparedness is a controversial topic because I'm implying you can PROFIT from the coming storm by helping people. Yes, being ready to serve now and in the future, I'll show you how.

Is It Ethical To Profit Big From Disaster Preparedness In Marketing?

It starts by readying your home, your business, and your community. Make sure every one of your employees is ready to work when the storm ends.

And through awareness and advocacy marketing, you'll get customers ready for each hurricane season. Are you missing this opportunity to gain goodwill and keep customers safe?

Even Mother Theresa and the Red Cross benefit from natural disasters! If you are sincerely helping people, then why not you?

You have skills; you can help and choose to be a hero. Ask your questions using the “Help” button in the lower right corner of your browser. Mention program code #010-H1029A.

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NOTICE: Offer to write press releases and coach you on disaster marketing recovery available first come first served, through October 15th 31st. Simply use the “Help” request, including your full contact details for access to details. For instant access click here


Author: Justin Hitt

Justin Hitt is the Publisher of COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL PROFITS. He helps commercial electrical contractors create and keep profitable customers while transforming business relationships into profits guaranteed.

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