Why helping customers with energy efficiency ideas generates high quality leads fast

Are you concerned about increasing energy costs?  Maybe you aren’t, but your commercial customers certainly toss around each night with these worries.  Energy efficiency is a top concern of your commercial decision maker.

It’s the facilities manager needs to reduce energy costs by 15% while managing twice as much space.  This means using space more effectively, flexible power hook ups, and consolidating equipment areas.

Or the office building manager concerned about electrical rates going up faster than shared utilities on a mixed tenant floor.  They just cannot increase rent fast enough and stay competitive, so lowering energy consumption is the only option.

Using a prospect newsletter, you can put energy efficiency cost reduction ideas to work driving sales.  Do this kind of low cost marketing program like clockwork and watch your bank account swell up.  And your customers will love you for it!

It works this way:

  • Prospective commercial customer wants to lower costs;
  • Prospect doesn’t know how to lower costs;
  • Your friendly fun prospect newsletter gives them ideas.

Each month they get new ideas on lowering costs with energy efficient conversations, alternative or backup power, and even lower power lighting systems.  An electronic newsletter could go out weekly.

The only question left in the mind of a prospect is, “What is it going to cost?

You know a good energy efficiency program costs the client very little.  They often can achieve a break even in 12 months, especially if negotiating utilities and tax credits are in the mix.  This means you can answer the “money” question with zero risk.

Your commercial prospect wants some kind of assessment, audit, or investigation by a qualified electrician.  They need this to justify the investment.  Good news is you can deliver this value!

News about lowering electrical consumption becomes a trigger for a consultation.  Not a “free estimate.” Instead a service where you determine how you can help the prospect.

Some electrical contractors charge for this service.  You must always have a price for this service, however, you don’t have to charge.

A determining factor on “charge, no charge” is customer lifetime value.  The key is you are addressing an itch of a decision maker who wants money in their pocket.

The extra kick that my team puts on these types of campaigns is “marketing.”  Not your marketing so much as making the energy efficiency solution you deliver marketing tools for the customer.

Imagine this headline:

Local hospital reduces costs with a ballistic conversion and solar panel install.  This included generator services, power conditioning, and lighting controls with dimmers.  Savings, $1 million over two years.

In the trade magazines for that hospitals this is worth something.  It may also have public relations value in the community.  All possible by your humble electrical company that gave them the idea.

Now that trade magazine or local coverage may not reach a lot of your customers.  That’s why you follow with a syndication strategy to use a reprint and case study to go direct to buyers about your value.

A simple syndication strategy is to take reprints of that article then mailed them to every decision maker in your service, along with a cover letter.  This creates a tremendous amount of social proof of your value.  The result is your phone ringing off the hook.

Get started by listing 12 energy efficiency or cost savings tips.  It doesn’t matter if you write your prospect newsletter yourself, or utilize a service.  You’ll be on the way to helping prospects choose to buy from you.

About The Author

Justin Hitt

Justin Hitt is the Publisher of COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL PROFITS. He helps commercial electrical contractors create and keep profitable customers while transforming business relationships into profits guaranteed.