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Why helping customers with energy efficiency ideas generates high quality leads fast

Are you concerned about increasing energy costs?  Maybe you aren’t, but your commercial customers certainly toss around each night with these worries.  Energy efficiency is a top concern of your commercial decision maker.

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How to reverse a dangerous trend that impacts the electrical trade

Removing industrial arts from high school in the United States started an economic backsliding that must stop.  It also has hurt the electrical trade.  Encouraging students to use only their heads and look down on making things with their hands hurts the electrical trade. 

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Why commercial electrical profits

It was a simple comment, both critical of the limited updates of this site, “Why would a white collar business analyst be interested in electrical contractors?”  No offense was taken for the “white collar” quip, I believe hard work is hard work.  And, being in the technology industry I thought it was obvious because data…

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Mike Rowe on Ted Talks speaks about Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe showing respect for dirty jobs like electrical contracting

It is a fact that too few young people are taking up trade opportunities which is leaving a gap in the electrical contracting world.  For every computer job there are seven so-called “blue collar” jobs, or more, keeping that system a float.  MIKE ROWE from the Discovery channel show “Dirty Jobs” speaks on TED talk…

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